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Later, Internets! A Little Less Here is a Fantasy

Here is a Fantasy is still alive, but I’ve been busy. You can find more of me anytime you want on The L Mag and AFC.


For the Truly, Insanely Rich: A Vial of Ronald Reagan’s Blood

This May’s contemporary art auctions seem tame when compared to the other high-dollar items at auction; a T-Rex skeleton was sold last week and now, a vial of Ronald Reagan’s blood has made its way to an online auction house. Gross factor aside, purchasing a vial of blood is bound to be less strategic than … Continue reading

Collections Policy Survey

“The Collections Policy Survey” is a public document that will be sent out to all modern and contemporary art museums approved by the American Association of Museums (AAM); the document asks museums about their policies toward collecting new media. Currently, many modern and contemporary art museums refuse to collect new media, as recorded in written collection … Continue reading

Jeff Koons’ Fashion Fail

Jeff Koons has partnered up with Lisa Perry on a line of ready-to-wear fuglies, er, clothes.

From AFC: Free Art: Download and Print Your Own Conceptual Art

Now you can xerox your own Xerox Book. In collaboration with the non-profit Primary Information, Seth Siegelaub, the do-it-all curator, writer, and art dealer, just released half a dozen of his essays and art projects from the late 60’s and 70’s for free download. It’s all part of Primary Information’s new Seth Siegelaub Online Archive and it will be expanding in the months to come.

From the Archives: A Review That Doesn’t Suck

Reviews aren’t always topical. Written in 2010, it continues to hold its own as a solid read, even if it is art criticism.

Ai Weiwei Is Not The Most Powerful Person in the Art World

Ai Weiwei is giving Hirst a run for his money in what could be deemed 2012’s most ludicrous display of exhibition extravagance. Still, Ai didn’t deserve the #1 spot on ArtReview’s Power 100 list. In 2011, his auction results, number of solo exhibitions, and quantity of works in museum collections were merely middling.

This Week in Sexy, Gross Chelsea

Great art is hard to find, but sexy art is everywhere.

Death of the Curator: Part One

“Death of the Curator” is a series of posts devoted to curatorial problems.

Part One: If Curating is Like Cutting Hair, Then I Don’t Want Any Part of it

Jackson Pollock is Still The “My Kid Could Do That Painter”

Thanks to Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes, I was alerted to a recent article in NPR that asks whether Jackson Pollock was an artist. Pollock’s last painting was made over 50 years ago. In the contemporary art world, there’s been plenty of new debates about what’s art, so why has the NPR crowd been … Continue reading