From AFC: Free Art: Download and Print Your Own Conceptual Art

Now you can xerox your own Xerox Book. In collaboration with the non-profit Primary Information, Seth Siegelaub, the do-it-all curator, writer, and art dealer, just released half a dozen of his essays and art projects from the late 60’s and 70’s for free download. It’s all part of Primary Information’s new Seth Siegelaub Online Archive and it will be expanding in the months to come.


It’s Not Too Late! Looking Back at 2011

Here’s a back rub to 2011’s best, aka some of my favorite links of 2011, as compiled from my massive Twitter feed.

Here is a Fantasy at Art Fag City: Rejected Titles Include “Kant: The New Bad Boy of the Artworld” & “Was Kant a Cunt?”

The artist’s agenda appears to be one of taking what we assume to be true and then fucking with it: with history, language, philosophy, and viewers. And yet, as dark as all this sounds, Rhodes makes funny stuff.

Here is a Fantasy at Art Fag City: Down with the Readymade

I’ve got opinions for miles and miles. For instance, there are much sexier photos of Urs Fischer than the one I just posted. Here’s another opinion: Let’s never use the term “readymade”.  I ranted about this over at Art Fag City in THINGS TO STOP TALKING ABOUT: THE READYMADE.  Sorry about the all-caps, but I’m … Continue reading