Jeff Koons’ Fashion Fail

Jeff Koons has partnered up with Lisa Perry on a line of ready-to-wear fuglies, er, clothes.


Leaked from American Apparel: Vanessa Beecroft at Miami Basel

Do you work at American Apparel? Are you 5′ 7″ or taller? Well, you’re in luck! Vanessa Beecroft wants you to model her performance, er, perform as her model, at Miami Basel.

on top

If you wear chiffon with leather shorts, you will be dragged to the top of an art pyramid by somewhat important art types.

This Should Be On My Non-Existent Tumblr

Watch a model make out with a dog in slow motion.

The Week in Art Gossip

Gagosian’s getting sued by a protestor, but at least he will be able to do an interview with Larry King in case something goes awry. Larry King borrowed a number of Richard Prince works from Gagosian for his in-home Oscar party.  Early or late Prince? James Franco just had his first show with Peres Projects … Continue reading

For The Armory & Other Art Fairs

I need to look the part, but this blogger will need some help. I need to wear this shirt with leather shorts. Please, Opening Ceremony or someone with $200, help out an art sister in need!

Art Parties, er, Openings, This Week To Make You Seem Relevant

Maybe your Valentine’s Day sucked, but there’s always a chance for a drunken artworld hookup at one of these packed opening parties. Just make sure to wear your leather shorts to these openings and you will undoubtedly have a successful beginning to the weekend.

time for caa’s annual conference

The annual College Art Association‘s conference is coming to New York City this week. It’s time to expect more ill-fitting khaki pants in the MoMA than usually seen in the galleries on any given weekday.  For this year’s conference, I wrote a proposal that was accepted for one of the contemporary art panels.  However, I … Continue reading

appropriate winter wear?

This outfit is appropriate for: a) A toddler at a punk rock show b) Christina Applegate in 1989 c) No one d) Slutever e) An art professional

on top of the tops

Is the “hitler youth” haircut a legitimate name? Okay so I’m interested in getting this hair style, but I feel like it’s just a nickname for the real name of it. Do I really just go up to the barber and say “I want a Hitler Youth haircut please”? it just feels…. weird.