Jeff Koons’ Fashion Fail

Jeff Koons has partnered up with Lisa Perry on a line of ready-to-wear fuglies, er, clothes.


From the Archives: A Review That Doesn’t Suck

Reviews aren’t always topical. Written in 2010, it continues to hold its own as a solid read, even if it is art criticism.

This Week in Sexy, Gross Chelsea

Great art is hard to find, but sexy art is everywhere.

Jackson Pollock is Still The “My Kid Could Do That Painter”

Thanks to Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes, I was alerted to a recent article in NPR that asks whether Jackson Pollock was an artist. Pollock’s last painting was made over 50 years ago. In the contemporary art world, there’s been plenty of new debates about what’s art, so why has the NPR crowd been … Continue reading

William Eggleston Needs Money

William Eggleston has decided to make his tiny photographs big, but only for an auction at Christie’s, to be held on March 12th. Ethics aside, this makes clear a sorry fact, that artworks are still valued in accordance to size. It’s a throwback to the days when connoisseurship was still something all budding art world types needed to learn. It has nothing to with quality or that lodestone of economics – scarcity.

Here is a Fantasy Year in Review

2011 wasn’t too bad.

Nicknaming Contemporary Art

Jeopardy question: who came up with the term “concept art”? The answer revealed after the jump.

Leaked from American Apparel: Vanessa Beecroft at Miami Basel

Do you work at American Apparel? Are you 5′ 7″ or taller? Well, you’re in luck! Vanessa Beecroft wants you to model her performance, er, perform as her model, at Miami Basel.

Cory Arcangel Line Up

My roommate and I went to Team Gallery for tonight’s Cory Arcangel and Pierre Bismuth opening. We got into an argument over who Cory Arcangel resembles the most. I’m voting for Jeff Daniels and she’s voting for Jamie Kennedy. Seth Green features as a wild card because, well, both are goofy gingers. What do you … Continue reading

Best Frenemies: Modernism and Postmodernism

Modernism and postmodernism are frenemies. Art’s in a state of multiple modernisms, a modern-postmodern time. Before you groan and click on the next modern-postmodern blog, just remember what modernism said in “Mean Girls”: She thinks she’s gonna have a party and not invite me? Who does she think she is? I like invented her, you know what I mean?