This Week in Sexy, Gross Chelsea

Great art is hard to find, but sexy art is everywhere.



“My style’s ‘Thunderdome’ meets The Hamptons.”

Art scene skill #11: You know how people say that the art world’s hot? Well, most of it’s not at all hot. And you know.

Fox News (Kind of) Likes Sex

I hate resizing images; I like criss-crossing social media sources.

Here is a Fantasy at Art Fag City: Rejected Titles Include “Kant: The New Bad Boy of the Artworld” & “Was Kant a Cunt?”

The artist’s agenda appears to be one of taking what we assume to be true and then fucking with it: with history, language, philosophy, and viewers. And yet, as dark as all this sounds, Rhodes makes funny stuff.

Here is a Fantasy at Art Fag City: Down with the Readymade

I’ve got opinions for miles and miles. For instance, there are much sexier photos of Urs Fischer than the one I just posted. Here’s another opinion: Let’s never use the term “readymade”.  I ranted about this over at Art Fag City in THINGS TO STOP TALKING ABOUT: THE READYMADE.  Sorry about the all-caps, but I’m … Continue reading

on top of the tops

Is the “hitler youth” haircut a legitimate name? Okay so I’m interested in getting this hair style, but I feel like it’s just a nickname for the real name of it. Do I really just go up to the barber and say “I want a Hitler Youth haircut please”? it just feels…. weird.

it’s a holiday inn here

Only so much changes with holidays each year, so I’m reposting two holiday-themed posts from 2009.

i am not jasmine, i am aladdin

here is a fantasy is looking for guest bloggers. if you feel ranty about an issue, saw something sublimely interesting/awkward/momentarily life changing, or just want to give the gallerina with a heart of gold a break, send something to me.

the gallerina with a heart of gold decodes facecreeping

Another guest post from the gallerina with a heart of gold, the better than average looking twentysomething who fakes it all the time. Q: I just got this OMG-type of an email from this guy. What does it mean??? Does he wanna be friends or what? Hey _____, Hope you enjoyed the opening on Friday … Continue reading

why would you do that?

Vincent Gallo put up an “artwork” for sale on eBay. Probably because no gallery or auction house would sell it for $25,000 and also, going through those two routes would require a commission. The “well-known legend,” as he calls himself on his eBay page, needs more than good luck to sell that messy sketch.