Later, Internets! A Little Less Here is a Fantasy

Here is a Fantasy is still alive, but I’ve been busy. You can find more of me anytime you want on The L Mag and AFC.


For the Truly, Insanely Rich: A Vial of Ronald Reagan’s Blood

This May’s contemporary art auctions seem tame when compared to the other high-dollar items at auction; a T-Rex skeleton was sold last week and now, a vial of Ronald Reagan’s blood has made its way to an online auction house. Gross factor aside, purchasing a vial of blood is bound to be less strategic than … Continue reading

Jeff Koons’ Fashion Fail

Jeff Koons has partnered up with Lisa Perry on a line of ready-to-wear fuglies, er, clothes.

This Week in Sexy, Gross Chelsea

Great art is hard to find, but sexy art is everywhere.

Helen Frankenthaler, 1928 – 2011, in Painters Painting

When I die, I hope my obits never mention that time I met a celebrity on the dance floor.

Nicknaming Contemporary Art

Jeopardy question: who came up with the term “concept art”? The answer revealed after the jump.

What’s So Great About Collage? Daniel Gordon at WALLSPACE

Collage is an old thing that was a new thing and is now an old thing again. Daniel Gordon’s collages are old, new, and just damn good.

Cory Arcangel Line Up

My roommate and I went to Team Gallery for tonight’s Cory Arcangel and Pierre Bismuth opening. We got into an argument over who Cory Arcangel resembles the most. I’m voting for Jeff Daniels and she’s voting for Jamie Kennedy. Seth Green features as a wild card because, well, both are goofy gingers. What do you … Continue reading

a little déja vu

I used to confuse déja vu with nostalgia. All of a sudden, while walking down an unfamiliar street, the past would break through to the present. This jolt told me, reminded me, but of what? I would shrug, thinking it must be something significant that I would figure out later. Then I started moving around. … Continue reading

Is Phillips de Pury Avoiding a Sotheby’s Scandal?

The economy is failing again, but hey, at least last month’s job growth numbers were decent. For every relatively positive step the economy’s taking, something else comes rushing along to push back any substantive growth. The deluge of dismal – and favorable – economic news shows up in this week’s art news; look no further … Continue reading