William Eggleston Needs Money

William Eggleston has decided to make his tiny photographs big, but only for an auction at Christie’s, to be held on March 12th. Ethics aside, this makes clear a sorry fact, that artworks are still valued in accordance to size. It’s a throwback to the days when connoisseurship was still something all budding art world types needed to learn. It has nothing to with quality or that lodestone of economics – scarcity.


It’s Not Too Late! Looking Back at 2011

Here’s a back rub to 2011’s best, aka some of my favorite links of 2011, as compiled from my massive Twitter feed.

Museum Curators Aren’t Your Type of Curators

Get ready for a long post after the jump about how museum curators aren’t like independent curators.

Donald Moffett at the Contemporary Art Museum Houston

Donald Moffett’s show at the CAMH left me baffled, thinking that it’s impossible to reconcile activist and formalist practices. That’s depressing.

Helen Frankenthaler, 1928 – 2011, in Painters Painting

When I die, I hope my obits never mention that time I met a celebrity on the dance floor.

Nicknaming Contemporary Art

Jeopardy question: who came up with the term “concept art”? The answer revealed after the jump.

The Atlantic Gets Video Art Wrong

It’s time for a video art handbook.

What’s So Great About Collage? Daniel Gordon at WALLSPACE

Collage is an old thing that was a new thing and is now an old thing again. Daniel Gordon’s collages are old, new, and just damn good.

Leaked from American Apparel: Vanessa Beecroft at Miami Basel

Do you work at American Apparel? Are you 5′ 7″ or taller? Well, you’re in luck! Vanessa Beecroft wants you to model her performance, er, perform as her model, at Miami Basel.