Collections Policy Survey

“The Collections Policy Survey” is a public document that will be sent out to all modern and contemporary art museums approved by the American Association of Museums (AAM); the document asks museums about their policies toward collecting new media. Currently, many modern and contemporary art museums refuse to collect new media, as recorded in written collection … Continue reading

Ai Weiwei Is Not The Most Powerful Person in the Art World

Ai Weiwei is giving Hirst a run for his money in what could be deemed 2012’s most ludicrous display of exhibition extravagance. Still, Ai didn’t deserve the #1 spot on ArtReview’s Power 100 list. In 2011, his auction results, number of solo exhibitions, and quantity of works in museum collections were merely middling.

Museum Curators Aren’t Your Type of Curators

Get ready for a long post after the jump about how museum curators aren’t like independent curators.

What the What is Happening in New Jersey?

When a mayor says that interns should run a city museum, it’s safe to say that we’re living in confusing times. Museums must seem like easy things to run. In the current climate, they’ve become disposable.

two types of museums

Historical exhibitions maintain a difficult balance between serving an archival purpose and presenting an aesthetic experience. The prior requires a lot of reading in addition to viewing an artwork, an artwork that in many cases of contemporary art are ephemeral (Marina Abramovic),  in the process of deterioration (almost every video made by an artist in … Continue reading