Collections Policy Survey

“The Collections Policy Survey” is a public document that will be sent out to all modern and contemporary art museums approved by the American Association of Museums (AAM); the document asks museums about their policies toward collecting new media. Currently, many modern and contemporary art museums refuse to collect new media, as recorded in written collection … Continue reading

Here is a Fantasy Year in Review

2011 wasn’t too bad.

The Atlantic Gets Video Art Wrong

It’s time for a video art handbook.

This Should Be On My Non-Existent Tumblr

Watch a model make out with a dog in slow motion.

Get Closer, Go Blind: 1970s Video Art Against Vision

Excerpt from a longer essay published in Motherwell Journal: Blindness is deviance, an aberrance from a normative mode of   knowing. What these artists do not want to know, Derrida’s  “unwillingness,” and what has caused their bad will, is a disbelief in  the truth of vision in its all-at-onceness as a route to  knowledge.  It … Continue reading